The legendary drinking game – Circle of death

Kings Cup

Circle of death is a drinking game that closely resembles Kings, where players draw one card per turn and perform actions based on the card type

  • Players 2+
  • Cards
  • Beer / Longdrinksb / Shots
  • 1 Middle Cup

Players sit in a circle and place a cup of in the middle of the table, then the dealer spreads the deck of cards around the middle cup faced down. One player starts by picking the first card then turns proceed by the player to their left following with their turn.


Drinking Rules


When game starts:

  1. You are not allow to say the word “drink” or you have to drink.
  2. You are not allow to say the word “you” or you have to drink.
  3. You are not allow to point at someone or you have to drink.

so if you point at someone and say you have to drink .. that gets youself 3 drinks 😉

King: The first 3 Kings are allow to put any drink in the middle cup the player who pick the 4th king have to drink the cup

Queen: You have to say that you are the questionmaster now. If you dont you have to drink! You can Ask questions to the other players. If they dont answer you with “Questionmaster” at the end of the sentence they have to drink.

Jack: Make a rule if someone breaks any of the rules they have to drink. (example: only drink with yourleft hand, everytime someone drinks he have to say something befor he drink it)

10: You Drink!

9: Chose someone that have to drink

8: the person to your right have to drink

7: the person to your left have to drink

Ace: You drink as much as you want every other player have to drink the same amount


Well have fun and drink responsibly 😉

Kings Cup

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