Chandelier (Mini – Beer Pong)

Chandelier is essentially a table version of beer pong. It is perfect for those living in a small apartments.
Players 2+
Pingpong ball
plastic cup or Glass
A (round) table

To play, you’ll need plastic cups and some ping-pong balls. Players sit around a table, each with their plastic cup of beer, placed at the edge of the table so that there is a circle of cups around the perimeter of the table. One full cup of beer should be placed in the center of the table.

To play, players attempt to bounce the ball into someone else’s cup. If they are successful, that person has to drink their beer. If the ball lands in the center cup, everyone has to drink, and the person who threw the ball has to drink the middle cup as well. When a player misses, whoever catches the ball gets to go next.

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