Kings Cup Drinkgame and rules

Karten Trinkspiele

Kings Cup has been a staple of parties for generations and for good reason. It gets those who participate drunk, as well as learning about each other’s wild side. This is the perfect game to play when you are meeting a new group of people.

You need for the Drink Game:

  • Players: 2+
  • Cards (52)
  • Cup
  • Beer / Longdrinks


Players sit in a circle and place a cup of in the middle of the table, then the dealer spreads the deck of cards around the middle cup faced down.

Drink Rules

Players take turns picking cards. Each card requires an action, that are as follows:

2. "You" - point at someone, say: "you," that person have to drink.

3. "Me" - the person who drew this card must drink

4. "Give 2 Take 2" You give out two drinks, and take two yourself.

5. "Guys" - all men drink

6. "Chicks" - all women drink

7. "Raise your hand to heaven" - Last person to raise their hand will drink..

8. "Mate" - choose a "mate" who must now drink whenever you drink. This is one-directional, you do not have to drink when they drink. It can be chained, ex- if bob is my mate and I am sally's mate, when sally drinks then I drink then bob drinks.

9. "Rhyme" - go around the circle rhyming 1 word. The person who drew chooses the word. This continues around the table until someone cannot think of a word. This person must drink.

10. "Categories" - You come up with a category of things, and the person to your right must come up with something that falls within that category. This goes on around the table until someone can't come up with anything. This person must drink.


Jack. "Never have I ever" - Everyone holds up three fingers. The person who drew says "Never have I ever _____________ " and everyone who has done it puts down a finger. Then the next person says "Never have I ever _________" The first person to lose all their fingers must drink. It is allowed to say something you actually have done, and put down a finger on your own turn if you wish.

Queen. "Question Master" You have to say that you are the questionmaster now. If you dont you have to drink! You can Ask questions to the other players. If they dont answer you with “Questionmaster” at the end of the sentence they have to drink.

King. Make up a new rule. Your rule may cancel an existing rule. (link no firstnames, dont say Yes, No or OK)

Ace. To perform a waterfall, each player starts drinking their beverage at the same time as the person to their left. No player can stop drinking until the player before them stops.

Big Kings Cup Dring Game
Big Kings Cup Dring Game