The great Starwars Drink Game!

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What do you want more than a great movie link Star wars to watch with some frends? Sure to more fun with a drinking game!

You need:

  • Players: 1+
  • Beer / Longdrings
  • Any of the following Starwars movies

General Drinkingrules for all Episodes:

1. Anyone turns a lightsaber on or off
2. Anyone mentions the Force


Episode I The Phantom Menace

The Drinkrules:

1. Anyone says "Ani"
2. The Jedi Council is shown
3. The interior of the Senate is shown
4. Jar-Jar says "Meesa"
5. Anyone says "Naboo"
6. Pod racing / racers are mentioned

Episode II Attack Of The Clones

The Drinkrules:

1. The Jedi Council is shown
2. The interior of the Senate is shown
3. Anyone mentions refer to Anakin as young
4. Anakin refers to his affection for Padme
5. Anyone says "Jango" or "Boba"
6. Padme changes her outfit

Episode III Revenge Of The Sith

The Drinkrules:

1. Anyone says "M'Lady"
2. Anyone says "Dooku"
3. Anyone loses a limb
4. Padme's childbirth death / "saving her life" is mentioned
5. A Jedi is killed
6. Anyone talks about "power" or being "powerful"

Episode IV A New Hope

The Drinkrules:

1. Luke whines about something
2. Anyone says "Kenobi"
3. R2-D2 or C-3PO gets damaged
4. Anyone insults the or boasts about the Millenium Falcon
5. Anyone mentions the Death Star's technical plans inside R2-D2
6. Anyone communicates via radio

Episode V The Empire Strikes Back

The Drinkrules:

1. Leia and Han bicker
2. The Millenium Falcon fails to go into hyperspeed
3. Luke fails a Jedi training task
4. Obi-Wan is shown or mentioned
5. Anyone yells at or about C-3PO
6. The Dark Side is mentioned

Episode VI Return Of The Jedi

The Drinkrules:

1. Anyone mentions the Dark Side
2. Anyone mentions "Destiny"
3. Anyone says "Skywalker"
4. Darth Vader and Luke refer to each other as "Father" or "Son"
5. Anyone mentions "Anger," "Hate" or "Hatred"
6. The energy shield around the Death Star is mentioned
7. Han and Leia profess their love or show it

Star wars Drink Game
Star wars Drink Game