Circle of Death the legendary drinking game

Circle of Death Drinkgame

Circle of Death is a card drinking game that everyone should play. It is perfect for parties or for having a good time with friends. It is one of the best drinking games ever, because you have to invent your own rules and every round is different.

What is needed for Circle of Death

A group of 2-8 people. In principle, more people are also possible, but then it becomes quite confusing.

A pack of cards

Drinks of your choice. Be careful sometimes you have to drink a lot.

And one glass for Circle of Death plus as many as you need for your drinks.

The structure of the Circle of Death drinking game

  1. All cards are shuffled and placed upside down around an empty cup.
  2. Players (min. 2) COMMIT to have at least 1 alcoholic drink in front of them at all times.
  3. The players now each draw a card in turn and turn it over.

Die Grundtrinkregeln von Circle of Death!

There are three basic rules that apply from the beginning of the game. The drinking rules are:

  1. It is not allowed to say “you”.
  2. It is not allowed to say “drink”.
  3. No one is allowed to point at anyone.

Of course, if you break the rule, you drink.

Further drinking rules for the respective card

Each player now takes turns drawing a card. Each card drawn has a different meaning. Let’s start:

7 -> Left neighbour must drink.

8 -> Right night bar must drink.

9 -> You get to choose who drinks

You drink

Jack -> You may set a rule (this applies for the entire game). Whoever violates it drinks! (The rule must apply to the general public, not to individuals!) e.g. No one may drink with the right hand if you break it … you drink 🙂

Checkers -> You become the Questionmaster (you have to announce loud and clear “I am the Questionmaster!”). You are allowed to ask questions in between like “who’s turn is it” whoever answers and doesn’t finish the sentence with Mister Questionmaster has to drink!

King -> (the first three kings drawn) You may fill something into the middle empty cup. The 4th king drawn, however, must empty the cup.

Ace -> Everyone must drink the same amount as you.

The game is over when all cards have been turned over.