Friends the popular series as a drinking game

Friends Serien Trinkspiel

The popular series Friends, which started in the mid-90s, is now also available as a drinking game. If you would also like to watch the old episodes again and have a drink at the same time, we have just the thing for you.

Procedure of the Friends drinking game

Once you’ve invited a few people and chilled the drinks, you can start straight away.

Of course, you have to decide on an episode or season of Friends beforehand. As soon as that’s done and everyone has their drink of choice in front of them, the party begins.

Everyone drinks 1 small sip when:

  • All six people are in Monica’s flat
  • Joey doesn’t understand something
  • Monica or Rachel mention high school
  • Central Park is shown
  • Pheobe mentions something unusual that happened to her

All drink 2 sips if:

  • When a gig takes place
  • A flashback appears
  • Ross gets jealous
  • Someone gets a new love interest
  • Gunther whispers that he is in love with Rachel

Everyone takes a shot when:

  • Chandler mentions the divorce of his parents
  • Ross marries or divorces
  • Joey gets the role
  • There is a guest star
  • Someone is moving

Additional drinking rules for the Friends drinking game

If you are very thirsty, you can also use the optional drinking rules. Everyone will finish their current drink when the following happens:

  • Any figures can be seen on the street
  • When someone says: “I KNOW!”
  • You hear someone say: “We had a break!”
  • An ugly naked man is shown
  • Monica and Rachel argue

You can of course split up the rules among yourselves so that not everyone has to memorise them all.


The popular series Friends is also perfect for a film night and as a drinking game. So if you’re feeling nostalgic, invite a few people round and enjoy the evening with a few good episodes of the old series.