Game of Thrones – The ultimate drinking game

Game of Thrones Trinkspiel

The Game of Thrones drinking game. Grab a cold drink, a few GOT fans and experience this masterpiece in a different way.

The drinking game is perfect if you want to watch a film with a few friends, A cold drink with friends while watching one of the best series ever, what more could you want?

What you need for the Game of Thrones drinking game

You don’t need much for the drinking game. All you need are these three things:

Any episode of Game of Thrones

A few GoT enthusiastic friends

Drinks of your choice

Procedure of the drinking game (drinking rules)

Once you have chosen a suitable episode or season and everyone has their drink, you can get started. The rules are that you always drink when the following happens:

  1. Someone dies
  2. Someone says a “family saying”.
  3. A title is mentioned
  4. When bastard is said
  5. When gnome is said
  6. When breasts are visible
  7. If someone has S$x

Optional additional drinking rules:

If the normal rules are not enough for you, there are also a few additional rules with which you can play:

  1. When Hodor is said
  2. When a wolf can be seen
  3. If a person drinks in the series, then of course you drink with them 🙂


Game of Thrones is not only a great series but is also perfect as a drinking game.

Whether it’s for a film night or just to have a good time, grab a few GOT fans and have a great evening. If the normal rules are not enough for you, you can easily expand them with additional rules. Have fun trying them out!