Mario Kart Drinking Game

Mario Kart Drinking Game

Mario Kart the drinking game. Gaming a classic and drinking at the same time – what more could you want!

Who hasn’t tried Mario Kart with a few friends and enjoyed the evening? We have expanded Mario Kart into a drinking game. It’s the perfect way to have a good night out or even to warm up for the evening. So grab a few Mario Kart enthusiasts and a few cold beers and get going.

What you need for Mario Kart the drinking game

What you need for the drinking game is not much.

  1. Of course the game Mario Kart
  2. Plus at least 2 players
  3. Drinks of your choice (beer or similar)

Mario Kart procedure (the drinking rules)

When each of you has your drink, you can start. Agree whether you open the beer before the start or at the start.

As soon as the game starts, you may EITHER drive or drink. Both are not allowed at the same time. True to the motto dont drink and drive :). Anyone who still drinks and drives will get a penalty beer.

If you want to continue drinking in the middle of the round, you must drive to the side of the road and put the controller away! Only then are you allowed to drink!

You must finish the beer before you finish the round or start the new one.

Whoever finishes first is the winner. Optionally, the loser has to drink a punishment beer.

Optional additional rule Drinking rule:

  • Anyone who plays Peach is constantly insulted by everyone! Why? Peach is an ungrateful piece of work and deserves nothing less!
  • Whoever forgets to insult Peach gets a punishment beer


Mario Kart is not only one of the legendary games that everyone should have played, but also a great drinking game. Grab a few friends and a few cold beers and have a cosy evening.

Of course, you can also expand the drinking game with optional rules.