Pokemon drinking game: The legendary Pokemon drinking game!

Pokemon drinking game

The legendary Pokemon drinking game! Who wasn’t looking forward to the new Pokemon episodes back then! We made a drinking game out of it! The game is as simple as it is ingenious and you can enjoy watching the Pokemon series again.

What you need for the Pokemon drinking game

Just three things:

Any episode of Pokemon (note that the first episode with Squirtle is almost impossible!)

A few people who celebrate Pokemon or at least like to drink!

Drinks of your choice

Procedure of the drinking game (drinking rules)

Once you’ve agreed on an episode or season of Pokemon and everyone has their drink of choice in front of them, you can get straight to it. There is only one rule:

You drink every time a Pokemon says its own name.

Sounds simple at first, but it’s not 🙂 Have fun trying it out.

Optional additional drinking rule:

For the extra thirsty, there is an additional rule. You drink when:

  1. Every time the word “Pokemon” is mentioned


The Pokemon drinking game is simple but still a lot of fun. IIt’s perfect for having a few drinks with your friends. You can also enjoy watching the old Pokemon series again. What more could you want? Have fun testing it out.