The Buzz drinking game

Buzz drinking game

The Buzz drinking game is easy at first glance, but don’t be fooled – the level of difficulty increases the further you play. The game starts very simply: Players take it in turns to count from one, but here’s the trick:

Certain numbers are exchanged for the word “buzz”. And if someone makes the mistake of forgetting to buzz in time, drinks are the order

How to play Buzz drinking game

Buzz is a fast-paced game that becomes increasingly challenging as the game progresses. To play Buzz, the player designated by the group as the starting player begins.

The starting player names a number that is “buzzed”. This number may not be named. Not even if the number is contained in any of the numbers or is divided.

Buzz example for the number 8

If the buzz number was 8, the count continues as before, but the following numbers may not be mentioned:

Zahlen mit einer 8 darin (8, 18, 28...)
Vielfache von 8 (8, 16, 24...)

Now the starting player begins counting and says “one”. The player to his left continues the count by saying “two”, and so on. The game continues until someone makes a mistake and says the number instead of “buzz”. Alternatively, instead of saying “buzz”, you can simply say the next number. So instead of saying “buzz” at 8, you say 9.

And of course, when someone messes up a buzz, everyone drinks!


The Buzz drinking game is simple but incredibly fun. All you need is your mates and a few drinks and you’re ready to go. The rules are simple, but the game itself is not and after a few rounds, it doesn’t get any easier 🙂 So it’s a perfect game to play at parties or as a pre-game drink. Have fun trying it out for yourself.