The legendary How I Meet Your Mother drinking game


Probably one of the most popular series ever, How I Meet Your Mother (HIMYM) is now also available as a drinking game.

It’s time to watch How I Meet Your Mother again, invite a few people to a movie night and play the drinking game. The rules are simple and it’s also a great way to get the party started.

What you need for the How I Meet Your Mother drinking game

Any episode or season of How I Meet Your Mother

Drinks of your choice

The drinking game rules

Once you have agreed on an episode or series and everyone has their drink of choice in front of them, the drinking game can begin. The rules are simple, you always drink when:

Someone says Robin, Ted, Barney, Lilly or Marshall
Every time someone has a beer in their hand
Every time the word “suit” is mentioned
Barny says: “Legendary”
Barny uses a pick-up line
Robin says: “but um!”
Every time a high 5

Of course, you can also divide the rules among yourselves so that not everyone has to pay attention to everything.


Optional additional drinking rules

Of course, you can also optionally extend the drinking rules if you are particularly thirsty.

Examples of the optional rules are

When Ted romanticises about a woman

When Lilly says something instructive


How I Meet Your Mother is not only a great series but can also be used perfectly for an evening of filmmaking or for pre-gaming. You can adapt the rules to suit your needs and also divide them up among yourselves. Now nothing stands in the way of the perfect film night.