The Pirates of the Caribbean Drinking Game

Fluch der Karibik Trinkspiel

Pirates of the Caribbean the drinking game is a classic movie drinking game that you should have seen. Grab your favourite part of Pirates of the Caribbean or start a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon and a few cool drinks and you’re good to go.

What you need for the Pirates of the Caribbean drinking game.

Any part of The Pirates of the Caribbean

Beer/brandy or similar (or a bottle of rum? 🙂 )

Of course a few Pirates of the Caribbean fans or those who still need to be convinced 🙂

Procedure of the drinking game (drinking rules)

Once you have agreed on a Pirates of the Caribbean and your drinks are ready, you can start. As soon as the film starts, you have to drink whenever the following words are mentioned:

  1. When Someone Says “Jack
  2. The Black Pearl is mentioned
  3. The word pirate or pirates comes up
  4. When “rum” is mentioned.

Optinal drinking rule for the particularly thirsty

Optionally, you can also expand the rules. Examples would be

Every time someone falls into the water.

Rum is drunk, you drink with it.

About Pirates of the Caribbean itself.

Pirates of the Caribbean is a 2003 American pirate film from Walt Disney Pictures and the first part of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. Jerry Bruckheimer was the producer.

The film tells the story of the pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, who wants to regain possession of the pirate ship Black Pearl and meets Will Turner, who wants to rescue Elizabeth Swann, who was kidnapped by pirates on the Black Pearl. The film was very successful in many countries.

Rating: Pirates of the Caribbean: 95% of users liked this movie


Pirates of the Caribbean is a classic film and is now available as a drinking game. So whether you just want to have a cosy movie night or use the film as a pre-glow, it will be worth it.

You can also divide the rules among yourselves so that not everyone has to remember all the rules.