The Settlers of Catan drinking game

The Settlers of Catan drinking game

The Settlers of Catan now also available as a drinking game. Grab a few friends and your favourite drink and play a leisurely round of Settlers of Catan.

What you need for the drinking game

The Settlers of Catan board game, of course

Drinks like: Beer or sparkling wine or shots

For beer and champagne etc., one sip is drunk. For shots, either half a shot or a full shot depending on how strong you feel.

The Settlers of Catan Drinking Game Rules

First of all, the basic rules apply (please watch the video we have linked to this), but in addition, you will drink every time the following happens:

  • If you are affected by the robber, you first have a drink to cope with the shock
  • If you lose a victory card, you first drink with it so that you can cope with the pain.
  • If you have more than 7 cards of a resource, you drink for fun. If you forget and a fellow player has to point it out to you, you drink two immediately.

Optional additional drinking rules:

If you are especially thirsty, you can also activate some additional rules. The rules are

  • Every time you build a town, you drink.
  • You drink for every victory card you receive.

For every successful trade that players make, these players must drink one.


The Settlers of Catan has always been one of my favourite games. Now as a drinking game, it’s even better and perfect for any game night. Grab a few people and a few cold drinks and start your game night with a nice drinking game.