The South Park Drinking Game!

South Park drinking game

South Park is one of the funniest series ever and now there’s a drinking game to go with it! It’s time to watch a few episodes of SP again, invite a few people over and get started with the South Park drinking game.

What you need for the South Park drinking game

Select any episode or season of SP

Drinks, beer or whatever your heart desires.

Procedure of the South Park drinking game – the drinking rules

Have you picked an episode or season and got your drinks ready? Then you can start right away. The rules are as follows, it is always drunk at:

  • Scene change with banjo music
  • Cartman insults someone
  • Cartman says he is not fat
  • Butters gets house arrest
  • Kyle gives a moral address
  • Kenny dies
  • Timmy says “Timmy”
  • Stan vomits

You can also divide the rules among yourselves so that not everyone has to remember them all.

Optional additional drinking rules

Optional additional drinking rules

  • Mr. Mackey says “mkay”
  • Jimmy stutters
  • Someone says “South Park”


South Park is not only one of the most successful series ever, but also perfect as a drinking game. Whether you start a film night with friends or just turn on an episode as a pre-game, this drinking game is a lot of fun.

By the way, you can watch all episodes for free online. You can find all episodes here