Uno drinking game – The drinking game for the popular card game Uno

Uno drinking game

Everyone has probably played Uno before, but probably not as a drinking game! The drinking game can be played almost anywhere, whether on the go, at home for a pre-drink or in the pub. The rules are simple and it’s always fun.

For the Uno drinking game you need:

Uno cards, of course

And a drink of your choice (e.g. beer or shots)

The drinking game rules

The basic rules of Uno remain the same, but you must always drink at the following urgencies:

For each card you draw, take a sip.
If you forget to say “Uno Uno” on a card, drink and draw a card.
If you forget to say “Uno Uno” on the last card, drink 2 and draw two cards.

Optional drinking rules:

If the standard rules are not hard enough for you, you can also extend them with optional rules. Examples are

If someone does not realise that it is his turn, he drinks one.
The card 7 (draw 2) can be extended with further sevens. This means that one person drinks 4,6,8 times accordingly 🙂
When changing direction, all players drink


Uno is even more fun as a drinking game. Grab a few people and start playing. The drinking game can be played just about anywhere and is also great as a pre-game drink. Have fun playing!