The legendary Lord of the Rings drinking game

Herr der Ringe Trinkspiel

The Lord of the Rings drinking game is one of my most popular drinking games ever.
Get some Lord of the Rings fans or at least people who like to drink and get started.

Lord of the Rings makes an excellent drinking game. I played it myself on several weekends with friends and we still remembered the fun evenings months later. But try it out for yourself!

What you need for the Lord of the Rings drinking game

A part of the Lord of the Rings series (the extended edition is welcome)

Something to drink of your choice

A few Lord of the Rings fans or people who feel like drinking

The Lord of the Rings Drinking Game Procedure and Drinking Rules

Once you’ve picked out a Lord of the Rings part and have your cold drink in front of you, you’re ready to go. The rules are as follows.

It is drunk every time:

  1. The ring is seen or the ring is mentioned
  2. Frodo looking like he’s just had a wank
  3. Sam is worried about Frodo
  4. A panorama shot can be seen
  5. When Gollum says: “My precious”
  6. When all companions are seen
  7. Whenever Legolas makes a Badass move

Optional drink rules if you are very thirsty.

When Marry and Pippin are up to no good

When Gollum says: “Gollum”.

When the Nazgul are seen

When someone smokes (pipe)

It makes sense to divide the rules among all the players so that not everyone has to remember them all.

An elf who drinks something


Lord of the Rings is one of the best films of all time and with the drinking game it’s also a great way to have a cosy evening or just to enjoy a bit of pre-lighting. The drinking rules are simple and you can divide them among yourselves. So no matter if you only watch a short part of the film to pre-light or watch the extended edition to have a great time with friends, it’s worth it.