Kings Cup the fun card drinking game

Kings Cup Trinkspiel

For the Kings Cup drinking game, you need a deck of 32 or 52 cards, a cup and plenty of beer and alcohol. A separate cup is placed in the centre of a ring of face-down cards around which the players sit.

The players take it in turns to draw a card from the pile, each of which triggers a specific action – you can see which one below.

The drinking rules for Kings Cup

Seven: “Heaven” The player who drew the card raises his hands in the air, as do all the other players; the last player to raise his hands drinks.

Eight: “Pick a Mate” The player chooses a friend to drink with for the rest of the game. In other words, as soon as one of the two has to drink, it affects both of you.

Nine: “Bust a Rhyme” The player chooses a word and each player takes it in turns to say a word that rhymes with this word. This continues until one player can’t think of any more words and therefore has to drink.

10: “Categories” Similar to nine, but the person who draws the card chooses a category, e.g. Disney films, whereupon each player says a film until someone can’t think of one. That person drinks.

Jack: “Create a new rule” The player who draws the card must create a rule that applies to the rest of the game. For example, they must drink with their left hand or make an inspirational speech before drinking. The rule must apply to everyone and should not have a special effect on just one player. Stay fair!

Queen: “Questions” The player who drew the card asks someone a question. Without giving an answer, this person asks someone else another question, who in turn asks someone else a question, and so on. If a player answers a question or cannot think of another question, they drink.

King: “Kings Cup” Pour your drink into the cup in the centre. The player who draws the fourth king loses and has to drink from the cup in the centre.

Ass: “Waterfall” Everyone drinks the same amount as the person who drew the card, they decide how long they drink together.

Additional rules for a 52 card deck

Two: “You” The player who draws the card chooses a person to drink.

Three: “Me” The player who draws the card takes a good sip.

Four: “Floor” The player who draws the card and all other players must touch the floor immediately. The last person to touch the ground drinks.

Five: “Men” All men in the round drink

Six: “Women” All women in the group drink


Kings Cup is a perfect drinking game for any occasion, whether you and a few friends are playing it in the pub or at home for a pre-drink. It’s a lot of fun and requires no special items. Invite a few people over and enjoy a fun evening!

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